Theresa May to deliver major Brexit speech in Florence next week

Thursday, 14 September 2017, 05:15:04 AM. A high-profile speech in Florence on 22 September will likely be used to break the deadlock in the UK's exit talks with the EU.
By Alessandra Rizzo, Political Reporter Theresa May is set to deliver a high-profile speech next week on the status of Brexit negotiations and her plans for the UK's future outside of the EU. The address, to be held in Florence on 22 September, is likely to be seen as a bid to break the deadlock in divorce talks, which resume in Brussels three days later. The negotiations are faltering, with the EU saying after the latest round last month that there had been "no decisive progress" on key areas. And European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has questioned Brexit Secretary David Davis' commitment to the talks, new documents have revealed. On Wednesday, he said Britons will "soon regret" Brexit. EU officials say they cannot move on to discuss a future relationship until "sufficient progress" has been made on three priority issues: the rights of expatriates, the Irish border and a financial settlement, or "Brexit bill". The UK believes the two phases - separation and future relationship - are "inextricably linked", and has called on Brussels to show some flexibility. The financial settlement - with the EU believed to be expecting a payment of around £50bn or more to cover remaining UK liabilities - has emerged as a major stumbling block, and the Prime Minister may look to make a breakthrough there. Video: 'This is impossible': Brexit talks The UK has said it will honour its obligations but said the era of big payments to Brussels ends with Brexit. No figure has been...Read more
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