This is what true Republican tax reform would look like

Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 02:41:05 AM. Neil Buchanan writes that Republicans are hell bent on delivering huge windfalls to their mega-patrons.
Share Opinion This article first appeared on Dorf on Law. Imagine a world, not at all like our own, in which the Republican majorities in Congress had decided to update the tax code in a way that truly deserved to be called "reform." Rather than proceeding from the firm commitment that they must cut taxes on large corporations and the super rich ( especially the "lazy rich"), Republicans instead could have approached the tax code realistically and productively, noting that it must necessarily be complicated -- because life is complicated, and people want the tax code to take into account life's realities -- but doing everything that they can to repeal or change tax provisions that simply do not make sense. Keep up with this story and more by subscribing now Again, that is most definitely not what Republicans are actually doing. They have proposed a melange of unrelated changes to the tax code that will hit various groups of taxpayers, but this is only happening because Republicans imposed restrictions on themselves that required them to offset some of the huge revenue losses that their dearly desired regressive tax cuts will create. Even so, there is an interesting -- if entirely coincidental -- possible overlap between what Republicans have proposed and what responsible legislators might have proposed. It is thus useful to think about a few Republican proposals from the standpoint of whether they are defensible ideas on their own merits, ignoring the undeniable fact that...Read more
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