Top Naper Settlement admins get $8K-$11K raises

Friday, 21 April 2017, 06:23:33 AM. 2016 midyear pay hikes and 2017 merit increases have combined to give some top Naper Settlement employees salary increases of 7.1 to 9.6 percent.
Naper Settlement awarded midyear and merit raises to its top-level employees, adding anywhere from nearly $8,000 to more than $11,000 to annual salaries, according to records obtained by the Sun. The raises represent increases of 7.1 percent to 9.6 percent at a time when the Consumer Price Index rose just 2.5 percent. The city of Naperville owns Naper Settlement's land and buildings and funds the museum at a cost of $2.9 million annually. While the Naperville City Council approves funding for the museum, including salaries, as part of the city's annual budget, it does not approve individual salaries, City Manager Doug Krieger said. "I don't have any problem paying people higher salaries if they're doing good work," Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico said. "It's not about the dollar amount, but what you get in return. They certainly have been delivering great talent and great services." The museum's executive board approved the raises for the president/CEO and two of its three vice presidents. President and CEO Macarena Tamayo-Calabrese saw her base salary increase by 9.6 percent, going from $122,053 in calendar year 2016 to $133,831 in calendar year 2017. The first part of the increase — 7.5 percent — was approved in July as part of a readjustment in job responsibilities to ensure the museum's "vitality, relevance, engagement and connection to this and future generations," Tamayo-Calabrese said in an email. The additional 2.1 percent merit raise went into effect in February. The...Read more
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