We're still broken-hearted over Coeur closing

Wednesday, 08 November 2017, 08:42:52 PM. Nine months after Coeur's closing, Mona Lisa Jackson is just able to talk about it.
Mona Lisa Jackson locked Coeur’s spotless glass door for the last time in February. But it wasn’t until Tuesday, when I saw that a West Coast Optical now called the 800-square-foot space at 17th and Sansom Streets home, that my heart really broke. My dismay wasn’t that I don’t have a place to buy bras. Haverford-based specialty boutique Hope Chest is around the corner on Chestnut Street. Victoria’s Secret remains a top shopping destination at the Shops at Liberty Place. These days, H&M offers affordable bra-and-panty sets, too. No, what saddens me about Coeur’s abrupt closing is that Philadelphia’s once close-knit retail scene has lost yet another heartbeat. “You know, I still walk by my store,” Jackson — who would have celebrated Coeur’s 20th anniversary this month if she had remained open — said last week. “One day I went over and I saw they’d painted the walls and pulled my desk out,” Jackson said, holding back tears. “It hurts. I lived, breathed, and ate Coeur.” Jackson and I sat outside Chick’s, Gina and Philip Narducci’s South Philadelphia gastropub, where Jackson goes most weekday mornings to help out, to take her mind off Coeur, and to figure out her next move. Nine months after the Valentine’s Day closeout sale to end all Valentine’s Day closeout sales,  Jackson is just able to talk about the end of Coeur. Online shopping coupled with the rise of Rittenhouse Square rents — the same factors that forced the signature women’s wear store Joan Shepp to move to...Read more
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