Westlake police investigate theft of $14,000 in jewelry: police blotter

Sunday, 13 August 2017, 07:06:05 AM. A woman reported $14,000 worth of jewelry missing Aug. 7. She was unsure how long it had been gone.

Theft, Shadow Creek Drive: A woman reported $14,000 worth of jewelry missing Aug. 7. She was unsure how long it had been gone.

Theft, Brockway Drive: A male resident may have left his 2013 Chevrolet Silverado unlocked the night of Aug. 3. His wallet, a flashlight, and a hand tool were taken. His credit cards were used at several locations in Cleveland for a total of $632 in purchases. Attempts were made to charge $1,012 more.

Impaired driving, I-90: A 27-year-old Parma Hts. woman Aug. 5 drove eastbound in the westbound lanes of I-90. Police stopped her near Columbia Road and arrested her for operating a vehicle while impaired. She refused to submit to a breath test and was also cited for a lane use violation.

Voyeur, Main Street: A New Hampshire woman spotted a male Aug. 5 on his hands and knees looking up her skirt in a Main Street store. He is white, in his mid-30s, bald, 5-foot-8 to 5-foot-10, and has a heavy build. He wore a blue short-sleeve shirt with red sleeves, khaki shorts and sun glasses on his head. She screamed and he left on foot.

Petty theft, Crocker Park Boulevard: A 45-year-old Cleveland woman was arrested Aug. 5 for petty theft after stealing property worth $705 from a Crocker Park Boulevard store. She discarded those items and so also was charged with tampering with evidence.

Road rage, Columbia Road: A 67-year-old Bay Village man and 33-year-old Lorain man were in a traffic confrontation Aug. 5 on Columbia Rd. The older man deliberately rear-ended the younger man's SUV with his motorcycle, according to police. A confrontation followed, with the younger man punching the elder. No one needed medical attention. A prosecutor will review the case.

Underage consumption, Market Street: A Market Street man wanted a 20-year-old Berea woman out of his home Aug. 6. She showed up intoxicated and hit him, police said. She was arrested for underage consumption.

Petty theft, Detroit Road: A 28-year-old Cleveland man Aug. 7 stole $150 worth of merchandise from a store. Police caught him nearby and he admitted he stole the items to fund his heroin habit. He was arrested for petty theft.

Theft, Wingedfoot Drive: A $300 pair of sunglasses were taken Aug. 9 from an unlocked 2007 Honda minivan parked at the owner's home. The owner also shared some previously unreported incidents: in June a window was broken on another car, and in July, a friend's car was egged in the driveway. 

Petty theft, Center Ridge Road: A 49-year-old Cleveland man stole items worth $20 Aug. 10 from a Center Ridge Road business. He was located down the street and arrested for petty theft. 

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