Why 2017 Devils Development Camp has a different feel for coaches and players

Saturday, 15 July 2017, 09:50:23 PM. Players and coaches notice a big difference on and off the ice at the 2017 Devils Development Camp.
NEWARK -- Rick Kowalsky has been with the Devils for eight Development Camps, and he has no doubt the 2017 edition stands out in terms of the talent and skill of prospects. "Probably the best I've seen in my time, no question," Kowalsky said Friday. The team's AHL coach, like previous years, has handled the coaching duties with his staff during the camp, getting the first chance to see many prospects for the first time after they get drafted. Kowalsky has seen what type of players general manager Ray Shero and his staff have tried to add over their three NHL Drafts with the organization. "This year's draft and the last couple years, some of these kids, you can tell," Kowalsky said. "I think the goal when Ray came in was to get younger, get faster. I know Paul Castron's a big advocate of skill, and they've certainly done a good job of that the last two years." Wood's funny encounter with Boyle In his development camp with the team, Devils head coach John Hynes expressed the same sentiment of Kowalsky. Now more than ever, the Devils prospects pool is filled with the type of players they want in the organization. "There's lots of speed there. There's lots of compete, good hockey sense, good skills, and those are the things we talked about when we got here that we wanted to try and infuse within our team at the NHL level, but also through our prospect development," Hynes said. "That's what we've seen at our camp, and it's been fun to see it. You're starting to see now the types...Read more
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