Why are we locking up undocumented immigrants for years?

Friday, 10 November 2017, 05:13:33 AM. Trump’s budget allows for a costly expansion of prison places for non-violent aliens.
Share Opinion U.S. Army and National Guard veteran Arnold Giammarco recently celebrated a remarkable homecoming with his wife, child, and country after being separated—not by war, but by immigration detention and deportation. Mr. Giammarco’s story exemplifies the dangers of prolonged immigration detention. Jailed in an immigration prison for 18 months without the right to a bond hearing, he was forced to accept deportation and fight his case while abroad. Now a U.S. citizen, Mr. Giammarco is home again. But a happy ending cannot undo the years his wife spent working three jobs to support the family or the trauma his daughter endured without her father. Keep up with this story and more by subscribing now As people who work closely with detained immigrants, we know that thousands of immigrants like Mr. Giammarco are senselessly detained for months and years in terrible conditions. Sylvester Owino, for example, spent nearly a decade within the walls of immigration prisons in California and Alabama. Today, he is known to many in San Diego as the operator of Rafikiz Foods and as a beloved and vital member of the community. Greta Sotto Moreno spent over two years in immigration prison, surviving abuse as a transgender woman. Today, she is rebuilding her life and fighting for the rights of other transgender women in the U.S. But despite ample evidence that immigration detention is inhumane, unaccountable and costly, the Trump Administration has sought to expand the system. Mere days...Read more
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