Will the UN blacklist Saudi-led coalition over Yemen?

Wednesday, 04 October 2017, 07:38:45 PM. Debate rages over whether UN will include Saudi-led coalition in Yemen on blacklist of children's rights violators.

Human rights groups are urging the United Nations to include the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen on a blacklist over violations of children's rights. 

A leaked draft of the UN's Children and Armed Conflict annual report, set to be submitted to the Security Council later this month, showed that the coalition was on the list. 

The coalition was the only side in Yemen's war that was left out of last year's report.

Though it had originally been placed on the 2016 report, it was later "temporarily" removed by then-UN chief Ban Ki-moon, who cited "unacceptable" pressure by the Gulf countries, including threats by Saudi Arabia to cut funding to the UN. 

Ban described his decision to remove the coalition off the list as one of the most "painful and difficult," but stood by his choice warning that "millions of other children would suffer grievously" in places such as Palestine, South Sudan and Syria if funding was cut.  

In mid-August, following the leaking of the report obtained by Al Jazeera, the Saudi UN Mission said "there is no justiciation whatsoever for including its name in the annex of the Secretary-General's report on children and armed conflict [...] we trust that the UN will make the appropriate decision on this matter" in a statement.

Rights groups are now warning against the removal of the coalition from the list once again, ahead of the report's submission to the Security Council.  

"All groups working on children's rights in Yemen and around the world would be very, very disappointed if for the second year running, despite clear patterns of grave violations, the party is removed from the list," Caroline Anning, senior advocacy adviser on Yemen for the UK-based Save the Children NGO, told Al Jazeera from London. 

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